Keeping tractor trailers cleaner longer

The Air Deflecter™ available from is a device that deflects the pulse of air ejected from the bottom of the air dryer on commercial Diesel Semi tractor trailer trucks, buses and other large equipment equipped with air dryers. this has the benefit of keeping tractor trailers cleaner longer because the vented air from the air dryer is sent sideways away from the truck instead directly down at the ground whichstirs up dirt and dust as well as irritants and pollutants.

The deflection occurs at an angle so the pulse of air does not disperse straight down, preventing a cloud of dust and particles to become airborne. These particles contain toxins, molds and mildews found naturally occurring on the ground but once airborne are able to be ingested into your nasal passages and lungs, possibly causing health concerns and at the very least causing allergies.


Air Deflecter™ is manufactured right here in the United States. U.S. Patent: 8,776,834 buybuttonbuy one or many for your trucking or bus fleet

The Air Deflecter™ was created by a long time truck mechanic and a fellow trucker that was tired of not only breathing in the dust that was dispersed by his truck when idling but was also looking for a way to cut down on the Dust and particles blown onto his tires and rims and into the air only to cloud up and settle back down on his windshield and truck in general.

What is Air Deflecter?

Air Deflecter™ — Inexpensive bolt on part that is invaluable in terms of the health and well being of not only the driver but anyone standing around an idling truck as it ejects air from the air dryer.

Car Haulers (Dust contains abrasives… just like sandpaper) I’m sure you appreciate the ability to be able to cut down on dust an particles blown into the air and settling back onto your load you are transporting.

The Air Deflecter™ will allow you to deliver a better looking cargo than running without one.

Trucking Companies whether large or small, fleet vehicles equipped with air drying systems, busses and any local or over the road semi tractor will benefit from the reduced health risks not to mention the savings from not having dust and dirt blown back onto your clean truck or clogging your air filters from using an air dry system.

RickKeeping tractor trailers cleaner longer

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